Brave Baby emerged from the dissolution of one band and the identity crisis of another with relations between members Keon Masters, Ryan Patrick Zimmerman, and Christian Chidester spanning back to 2008 in the Charlotte area of the Carolinas.

In 2010, the trio reunited in the poetically historic Charleston, South Carolina. Masters had moved down a few years prior to start his undergraduate studies at the College of Charleston, urging his friends to join him in the bustling tourist town. Inspired by the change of scenery, the band was able to develop their sound and flourish in the local scene, quickly garnering local success and defining what would become later become known as Brave Baby. During this time Zimmerman established himself as the most sought after indie rock producer in the area, working with Steven Fiore, Sequoyah Prep School, Elim Bolt, and various other acts around the South East.

In 2011, Brave Baby began recording what would eventually become their debut album “Forty Bells” in Zimmerman’s storage unit turned cozy intimate recording studio where the band spends most of their time. “Forty Bells” features Masters’ lyrics uncover the feelings we have long lost but not forgotten about our parents, our childhood, and our early encounters with love, all delivered with an uncanny urgency that is hard to shake. Guitar work by Chidester reaches for the atmosphere while being anchored by Zimmerman’s solid propulsive timekeeping and colorful production work.

After going through various lineup changes, Brave Baby has enlisted long time friend and fellow musician Jordan Hicks (Florence, SC) on the bass guitar and new addition Stephen Walker (Summerville, SC) on keys and is set to release their debut album “Forty Bells” on Charleston based independent label Hearts and Plugs.