Formed back in 2007, Bringers Of The Dawn, currently based out of Charleston, South Carolina, have been steadily growing into a torch-worthy, American rock’n'roll outfit, bearing only simple, well-crafted songs, and high-level musicianship. Nurtured by regular gigging throughout the south-east, “Bringers” (as their fan’s refer to them) serve up a mellange of all your favorite styles: folk-rock, rhythm & blues, reggae, afro-cuban, latin, country and pop. “They’re like all the bands at Woodstock rolled into one, 21st century version!”, says Dave Frock, of Folly Beach, SC.

Vocalist Howard Dlugasch say’s that “Bringers Of The Dawn was originally fashioned after the likes of Duke Ellington’s or Miles Davis’ model for entertaining: each musician is featured because of their individual style and mastery of their instrument, while the band leader isn’t so much the front man, as he is the conductor of the performance. Rounded out by bass player Matt Thompson, drummer Adam Williams, keyboardist Whitt Algar, guitar player Bobby Hogg, and percussionist Gino Castillo, together they have come to be more of a modern-day, high-speed electronic device with seemingly instant communication and endless musical possibility, seemlessly navigating through uncharted territory, every performance. Dlugasch is a fine musician (multi-instrumentalist) in his own right, though he opts to simply play rhythm guitar and takes a back seat to his cohorts, who he says, “They speak the same language as i do- musically speaking, that is- and I’m happy to have them speak on my behalf.”

Thompson, Castillo and Williams are as strong as any legendary drum/percussion/bass trio you’ve ever had the pleasure to get down to. Dynamic and always old school funky, the rythmic foundation they provide for Algar, Hogg and Dlugasch to build upon, is “like having the most comfortable bed to lie in that you can imagine”. With Algar, who’s mesmerizing prowess of both piano and organ is of the highest order, and Hogg, who’s guitar playing soars like the greatest of the great guitar players, Bringers Of The Dawn is truly an awe-inspiring behemoth of a super-group. Served fresh every day, topped with vocal harmony and a side of low-country grit, it’s a dish worth trying!

Jack Friel on drums, Cory Jarrett on keys and mandolin, TJ Dildy as lead guitarist, and John Kennedy on bass guitar.